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Marc Wenet, Light Corner, old cardboard and reclaimed painted wood, 2015



M A R C   W E N E T

Speaking in a Quiet Voice

"My studio is an open space lined with materials, remnants retrieved from a wandering path. I became the caretaker of their histories making them my own.  Their pasts are mysterious, thick with time that has collected in layers atop the worn surfaces.  Scratching below these veneers reveals stories long hidden from view waiting to be rewritten in my quiet verse."

i.e. is pleased to show Wenet's beautifully meditative work. Previously with Francine Seders Gallery, he has continued his practice in the past 3 years since it's closure. This will be his first exhibit with i.e.


Margy Lavelle, Sacrum, oil on canvas on board, 17 x 13 in, 2016



M A R G Y  L A V E L L E


"I have been working in my studio through, what for me, had been a very dark winter.
I paint in oil with palette knife and often imagery emerges which surprises me. First a chalice, which then became crescents and eventually wings also appeared. Some of the paintings are very dark in palette but there always was a promise of light. And some are suffused with light."

This is a recent body of work that Lavelle has developed with a build up of oils, scraping back and rebuilding. She exhibits regularly at i.e. and has a great affinity with Wenet's work. Both artists are influenced by language and poetry, silence and simplicity.

artist  reception    saturday    may 13th      4 - 6 pm


exhibit runs   5/04 - 5/28

(please note the exhibit will be up a week before the artist reception)

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