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BRIAN CYPHER, oil stick and panel on canvas, 2016

JEF MORLAN, oil on oil paper, 17 x 14 in

ED KAMUDA, oil on board, 2016

opening reception Saturday, November 5th,  4-6 pm


i.e. is pleased to announce the 3 artist exhibit The Rhythm of Color.
Ed Kamuda, Brian Cypher and Jef Morlan all have a striking facility with color - creating shapes and compositions in intriguing ways with an abstract nod to the world.


Ed Kamuda is of the NW mystic school of painters. Born in NY he settled into the Skagit Valley in the 1970's as a young man and became a protege and friend of Guy Anderson. Kamuda's studio work is oil on board with a palette knife. He builds up faceted mosaic-like surfaces that depict his response to his surroundings, particularly the NW landscape. The hues range from earthy ochres and umbers to the occasional vibrant cobalts and reds. A master still in bloom. He is shown and collected throughout the Pacific Northwest by both Museums and private collectors.


Brian Cypher grew up in Anacortes and decided at age 17 to rent a studio and become a painter. He became friends with another, older artist in the building named Jef Morlan. They have remained life long friends and Brian considers Jef his mentor. Cypher's work is often direct and dynamic in its primal use of color, line, and texture. His shapes and references are bold and deceptively simple. Not surprisingly he and Kamuda share a deep admiration for Paul Klee. Cypher exhibits and is collected in NY as well as the Pacific Northwest. He resides in the Skagit Valley.

Jef Morlan presently resides in British Columbia but was a long time Anacortes Wa resident. He is a committed artist to his own practice and paints every day. He is often self-representing so this is a rare treat to have his work in the gallery. The pieces in this show reflect his astute sense of color and composition. A past traveling musician, Morlan, in 2015 created a series of egg tempera and charcoal paintings while listening to music. And in 2016 his series "dans l'atelier" brought still life back to life.
His materials range from egg tempera, charcoal, gouache to oil. Morlan exhibits throughout the B.C. area.

All 3 artists are self taught, a misleading phrase, for all 3 are sophisticated artists that learn from other artists and the world around them, past and present.


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