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M a r g y  L a v e l l e

 new work 

May 20th - June 26th  2016

Opening Reception  

May 21st    Saturday    4-6 pm

"Submersion", oil on canvas, 48 x 48", 2016

Margy Lavelle has spent the past 10 years making oil paintings influenced by her surroundings in the flats of the Skagit Valley; the marshes, deltas, creek beds, bay shores and open farm fields. With the ricocheting light and moist air there has always been a diaphanous quality captured in her work. A year ago she lost vision in one eye for a month due to a retinal condition. Sight was eventually restored but not fully corrected. The uncertainty of where edges actually lie and what she would see the next time she opened her eyes became a kind of exploration in her studio that she refers to as "Lessons in how not to know".  This new body of work evolved out of that time including a first step into 3 dimensional form. The constructions were inspired by the abandoned hunting structures, called duck blinds, found along the bay where her painting imagery is often drawn from.

"Green Orb", oil on panel, 17 X 13",  2016                                                                                                         "Duck Blind", cardboard, cheesecloth, gesso, 18 x 12 x 12

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