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Juliana Heyne

High Prairie: a road trip

Cather Prarie-oil on canvas- 20 x36 inch

Juliana Heyne, Cather Prairie, oil on canvas, 20 x 36 in, 2019

October 4th - October 27th

i.e. is pleased to present  Juliana Heyne's newest body of work in a solo exhibit. 

   Juliana Heyne has an itch for the open road. She travels slowly and she travels solo. This allows a deep  absorption of a specific place that she has set her sights on. In 2017  it was Iceland and she produced her "Driving in Iceland" exhibit for i.e. Previously,  showing with the Francine Seders gallery, it was Rome, Chelan Wa, Greece,  Alaska or anywhere that caught her fancy.  When on the road she sketches and photographs. Those are her references when back in the studio. There are also written notes about colors or light. Heyne uses a mix of media to produce her series. This exhibit has oil on canvas, oil on paper, pastel on paper, monoprints, charcoal and collage. The collage comes from old work that, in her opinion, fell short.

   Years ago the artist said she wants to depict  "a sense of place, filtered through memory and dramatizing real world images."  I have always noticed that Heyne's work fills up the page. If there is a sky it is squished into the top or a corner. There is a denseness of detail and a flat, tilted-up feeling of space. Certainly how we feel when traveling to a new place. We are often filled up with the visual newness of our experience.

   The land of Willa Cather, the great Plains of Nebraska, was the destination of Heyne's road trip this past year. Heyne reveals the beautiful geometry and clear shapes that bring this land home to us.


























Artist Statement

"Traveling via car has been a large part of my life as an artist. I’m always intrigued by new neighborhoods, urban or rural, and spend a lot of time walking around any new territory that captures my interest.

Much of the work in this show was influenced by a road trip in early spring to the Cather Prairie near the Kansas/Nebraska border. It was stunning country in early spring, and I felt enveloped in green. The return trip through North Dakota, Wyoming, and Oregon was also a very green scene. I was looking for early spring’s green countryside, and I certainly found it."


tree line hi res.jpg

Juliana Heyne, Tree Lines, oil stick on paper, 21.5 x 25 in, 2019


Wooden Jewels.jpg

Marc Wenet

Points of Light

November 1st - December 1st

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