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Jesse Max Otero, Fruiting Bodies, installarion

i.e. is pleased to announce a group exhibit of gallery artists based on the ever changing continuum that happens as part of the daily studio practice. This work is fresh in that it is newly made by artists that i.e. has represented for awhile or the artists themselves may be new additions to the gallery roster. Among the artists new to i.e.  are Jesse Max Otero, Drie Chapek, Gregg Laananen and Ed Musante. Some of the established gallery artists who will give you a preview of what they have been up to in their studios over the winter are Marc Wenet, Patricia Hagen, Clarissa Callesen and Thomas Wood.

The puddled dun colored fields around the Skagit tell us that this is a season of dormancy. But on closer inspection we see the beginnings of some new life. Slow your pace, look closely, there is a quiet percolating going on.


Marc Wenet, Early Signs of Light, gouache, painted reclaimed wood
Ed Musante, Oriole/Harvester, dry pigment, gesso, cigar box

images top to bottom:

Drie Chapek, Deepening, oil on canvas, 36 x 24 in

Jesse Max Otero, Fruiting Bodies, paint, found objects, wire etc, installation

Marc Wenet, Signs of Light, found wood, gouache

Ed Musante, Oriole/Harvester, dry pigment on cigar box

Patricia Hagen, Standing Stones, oil on canvas, 22 x 30 in

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