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Smoke and Mirrors

i.e. is pleased to welcome longtime Northwest painter Victor Sandblom for a solo exhibit with us. His deceptively simple, almost folk - like style invites us in to a bucolic 19th century world of afternoon picnics and lover's walks. Whales and boats ride the seas. A man transverses the landscape with his dog. We are transported indoors to empty rooms. Pierrot appears and cats sit for portraits. The frame on that painting is not a frame. It is a lovely deception. A kind of magic.

Victor Sandblom
Smoke and Mirrors

"These paintings were started long before the pandemic. They were, however, greatly influenced by the arresting calm of the first few months of the lockdown. Not being able to visit museums or galleries, I returned to looking at reproductions in books. My imagination flourished during these quiet hours and provided a lovely substitute  for reality. Time seemed slow, which created a wonderful arena for painting and with this slowing in time, I painted out of my mind."


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