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Heidi Epstein and Sue Danielson


(a) temporal


February 26th - April 3rd

Reception for the Artists SUNDAY february 28th, 1-4 pm




Heidi Epstein, "54 Days:Evidence of Being" , studio view, oil pastel on paper, 30" x 212", 2014





Heidi Epstein, "54 Days: Evidence of Being" , detail view, oil pastel on paper, 30" x 70", 2014

Sue Danielson, "Block Head",ink on papaer, 2015

Sue Danielson, "Intersection (red line)", acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20"


There are times when artists are outside the parameters of the regular delineations of life. That is if the artists are successful in their work. Successful in that they can enter that unconscious flow of being in the work. Being the work. In the studio. Outside of time. A different part of the brain is accessed than the part that is rooted in tasks, or even thought. "Temporal" can refer to a part of the brain, or a sacred place (like a temple) and it can also mean time. "(a)" is within or without.
Heidi Epstein and Sue Danielson's work reflect these transitions of states of being. Both record being inside the world and outside the world beautifully. Contained and uncontained.

Sue Danielson, "Hornet's Nest", mixed media on paper, 19 x 14", 2015




Sue Danielson,"When I Knew You (Sweet Spot)", mixed media on canvas,36 x 45", 2015


april 8th - may 15th     Ann DufFy and William Elston

may 20th - June 26th    Margy Lavelle

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