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Clayton James, Ed Kamuda,

Christine Wardenburg-Skinner, and Ruth Pumphrey

Through this Valley is about 4 artists who lived in and were influenced by the fertile grounds of this art community. Clayton James lived in La Conner and painted plein air alongside Ed Kamuda for many years. James also produced wood and concrete sculpture in his early career and then moved onto clay. Ruth Pumphrey moved to Fir Island in the 70's as part of the drop out culture and became a close friend and protegee of James's.  She also became a gifted ceramicist who rarely exhibited. Kamuda, mainly known for his slowly built up studio work always had a plein air practice of lively, quickly executed landscapes. Ceramicist, painter, and teacher, Christine Wardenburg - Skinner, has resided in the Valley since the 70's. Her intimate pen and ink plein air drawings done in 2019 speak of the bones and the moods of this landscape.

Meet n Greet
On Saturday September 26th from 1 - 4 pm

Christine Wardenburg - Skinner and Tom Skinner (former Fish Towner) will be present to talk about this history, their associations, and for Chris, her own practice. This will take place outside i.e. under the orange canopy. Masks and social distance guidelines required.

Exhibit up through September.
Fridays 11 - 4 pm. Saturday and Sundays 11 - 5 pm.


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