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From Here to Eternity

Brian Strobel, "Emerging", oil on canvas, 48 x 32"

Brian Strobel and Victor Sandblom

Victor Sandblom, "Thomas", oil on panel, 16 X 19"  



January 15th- February 21st

Reception for the Artists

Saturday,   January 16th   5-8 pm




Some artists have their feet on the ground but their heads in the clouds. They look to the heavens for their inspiration. Others have an imagination that takes up residence in their real world. The fantastical becomes common place. Both Strobel and Sandblom bring a sense of levity and the sublime to life on their canvases in gloriously painterly ways.









"My childhood memories are filled with walks through forests and trips to museums. At an early age I combined these experiences with stories from my grandparents and Northwest Coast mythologies told to me by my mother. These tales kindled a desire to explore unknown terrain, secluded places and the mysterious. I am still moved by the profound enigma of myth, memory and imagination. "
Victor Sandblom









"Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that occurs when a person attributes significance to vague and random stimuli, such as seeing the image of Jesus in a plate of spaghetti. Here in the Northwest the intense weather makes the sky an ever-changing troposphere. The clouds are a ready-source of pareidolic phenomenon, and have symbolized transformation and transcendence throughout the ages. The weather has always had an enormous effect on my mood and consciousness, so naturally I look to the sky as a form of muse."
Brian Strobel

5800 Cains Court
Edison  WA  98232
open 11-5 pm  Fri  Sat  Sun

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