past exhibits
Staff Picks
Heidi Epstein : Into Stillness
LESS :: presence in absence
Through This Valley
Rachel Maxi : Divine Mind
Marc Aronson and Mike Scott
Thomas Wood and Kathleen Skeels
Natalie Niblack: Folly
The Language of Pattern
Margaret Davidson : : Drawings
Marc Wenet: Points of Light
Juliana Heyne: High Prairie
Drie Chapek: Soul Juice
Lay of the Land: An Invitational
Judy Talley and Elizabeth Sandvig
Sharron Antholt: Burn Drawings
Lanny Bergner and David Hall
Jesse Max Otero: Artisan Donuts
Ed Kamuda: Backwards and Forwards
Margy Lavelle: The Flight of Gabriel
Curator's Choice
Victor Sandblom and Launi Lucas
Joseph Goldberg: The Night Has Eyes
Jay and Ree: Companions
Allen Moe : Oil Paintings
Robin Green and Jef Gunn
Indra's Net | Walker and Callesen
Drie Chapek and Mike Scott
Sheila Klein and Ries Niemi
Ed Kamuda: Passage
Northwest Revisited
Paschkis, Dykeman, and Emminger
Victor Sandblom and David C. Kane
Cynthia Camlin: Boneyard and Bloom
Robert Hardgrave: Toytality
Patricia Hagen and Clarissa Callesen
The Human Landscape
Thomas Wood: The Pleiades
Marc Wenet and Margy Lavelle
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