past exhibits
The Language of Pattern
Margaret Davidson : : Drawings
Marc Wenet: Points of Light
Juliana Heyne: High Prairie
Drie Chapek: Soul Juice
Lay of the Land: An Invitational
Judy Talley and Elizabeth Sandvig
Sharron Antholt: Burn Drawings
Lanny Bergner and David Hall
Jesse Max Otero: Artisan Donuts
Ed Kamuda: Backwards and Forwards
Margy Lavelle: The Flight of Gabriel
Curator's Choice
Victor Sandblom and Launi Lucas
Joseph Goldberg: The Night Has Eyes
Jay and Ree: Companions
Allen Moe : Oil Paintings
Robin Green and Jef Gunn
Indra's Net | Walker and Callesen
Drie Chapek and Mike Scott
Sheila Klein and Ries Niemi
Ed Kamuda: Passage
Northwest Revisited
Paschkis, Dykeman, and Emminger
Victor Sandblom and David C. Kane
Cynthia Camlin: Boneyard and Bloom
Robert Hardgrave: Toytality
Patricia Hagen and Clarissa Callesen
The Human Landscape
Thomas Wood: The Pleiades
Marc Wenet and Margy Lavelle
T. Michael Gardiner and Thor Mhyre
Juliana Heyne and Louise Kikuchi
Sundberg, Fowler, and Detzer
Are You Listening?
Ed Kamuda, Brian Cypher, Jef Morlan
Launi Lucas and David C. Kane
David Hall, Juliet Shen, Mike Scott
Out of the Drawers
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