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The Pleiades

Last Weekend
Review by Stephen Hunter

i.e. is pleased to present Thomas Wood: The Pleiades.

With 10 new paintings and several new prints this series transports us to the night skies and beyond. There are the stars, the Seven Sisters, night flowers, frogs and more in Wood's vivid exploration of mythology and life passages. An encounter with the spectre of death, the infinite nature of the universe, and our place on the planet as living beings are all part of the story. The artist releases the horizon line in his landscapes to move us into the heavens in The Pleiades paintings and back to earth again to savor its mystery in the Corona Borealis paintings.

Included in numerous private and institutional collections, Thomas Wood is an award winning intaglio print maker and established painter who exhibits his work nationally and internationally. He has studied in both Florence and the Netherlands and has made Bellingham, WA his home for over 30 years. This will be his first exhibit with i.e.


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