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Boneyard and Bloom

Oct 6th - Oct 29

Untitled(Bloom med paper #5), acrylic and flashe on paper mounted on panel, 27 x 20 in, 2017, $1000


"My newest work in painting and drawing interprets changes in the world's oceans. The ghostly architecture of bleached coral in Boneyard evokes the withering of life in an acidifying ocean. Bloom is an ongoing series of paintings that revel in the fertility of growing reef systems. These underwater vignettes have been an opportunity for multilayered experiments with paint and process."


Cynthia Camlin's subject matter has long been tied to the landscape. For many years it was the frozen one of icebergs and sheets of ice. This new body of work takes us into the ocean's waters and coral reefs. Her coral is a bouquet like skeletal form but broken into panels and spread across one entire wall.  The smaller paintings depict the spawning and scattering of eggs and sperm appearing almost like bubbles oxygenating the waters. Decay and death have always existed along side new life.


Camlin is a Professor of Art at Western Washington University with a background in poetry and philosophy. A Skagit Valley resident for a number of years, she has shown extensively throughout the Northwest. This is her first exhibit with i.e.

Untitled (Bloom small panel #2), acrylic on panel, 8 x 8 in, 2017

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