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January 1st - January 31st

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DChapek_TheseTimes 3.jpg
1023 Rembrandt's Gaze.jpg


Too many great pieces by our artists were overlooked or given an abbreviated viewing due to our 2020 restrictions and lock downs. Sarah, Ellie and I have put together an exhibit of some of our favorites from the past year and beyond. Come and revisit our picks that are still available, as well as a few new pieces. Among them you'll find: Natalie Niblack, Judy Talley, Victor Sandblom, Rachel Maxi, Mike Scott, Drie Chapek, Elizabeth Sandvig, Launi Lucas and others. The exhibit is open to the public Friday, January 1st, 2021.

Happy New Year!

We follow strict guidelines for viewing allowing 2 parties in the gallery at a time. We also use an air filter. If our regular winter hours of 11 - 4 pm, Friday through Sunday don't work for you call and we can set an appointment at another time.

360 - 488 - 3458

Throttle Body.jpeg

Click on images above to view each artist's details.

Drie Chapek, These Times.  Marc Aronson, Pre-Dawn.  
Natalie Niblack, Rembrandt's Gaze. Judy Talley, Maiden Moon.
Launi Lucas, Baleen Whale, Endurance   Mike Scott, Blue Disc. 
Elizabeth Sandvig, Sunning Cat.  Rachel Maxi, Throttle Body.

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