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November 3rd - November, 26th, 2017


Still Listening for the Sound

Victor Sandblom, La Reve, oil on board, 8 x 8 in, 2017



37 Little Enigmas

David C. Kane, Enigma # 17, oil on board, 9.25 x 11.875 in, 2017

i.e. is pleased to exhibit these 2 artists side by side with their very original and fantastical work. Painter's painters. They have both been at it for decades and it shows in the simplicity and purity in which they lay the paint down to tell their stories.

Victor Sandblom
Still Listening for the Sound

"Growing up in the Northwest, I couldn't wait to leave. But after traveling and experiencing art in museums and cities far from home, I needed to return. These familiar skies, waters and forests still guide my hands and eyes, and my ears still listen for the Sound.."
Sandblom traveled and studied for 5 years in Madrid, Paris and New York City, sandwiched between receiving his BFA and MFA  in Oregon. He has exhibited throughout the U.S. and Europe. Now settled in the Snohomish Valley, his paintings are gentle narrative depictions at the intersection of myth, imagination with an old world feel.  Often whimsical sometimes melancholy, they transport us. Sandblom is a painter who is a natural with the brush and oils. His subdued yet sophisticated palette conveys in the simplest terms the tenor of what is being said. This newest body of work is brimming with whales and the Sound.

David C. Kane
37 Enigmas

"A Quorum of Dandies: enigmatic, elegant, strange, peculiar, prophetic to the point of mantic turgor, funicular, eerie, sweet, palimpsestic, 'just another troubadour in the land of the dead…'"
David C. Kane is a painter of narratives  that contain intrigue, icons, damsels and aliens. The lovely light handling of paint draws the viewer in to see that something is rotten in this dreamscape. The palette moving into the sunset pinks and violets deceives. Kane moved up to the Skagit Valley just a few years ago and there is a beautiful airiness to his new work. He tells a  story but not all at once. Like his statement above there is nothing transparent about this work. Political or sociological commentary may be there but it is softened by the humor and the dreamy atmosphere. The Frye Museum in Seattle had a retrospective of his work 10 years ago and the characters and motifs that populate his work have been revisiting him throughout his career. He has shown widely through out the Northwest.

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