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July 2nd - August 1st

Artist Reception : Saturday, July 3rd, 2- 4 pm
In Conversation with Curator Barbara Matilsky  : Saturday, July 24th,  4pm


Woman Ascending - Shelf 19_ x 14_ x 1__2

Sheila Klein, Woman Ascending - Ledge, woven chorisera, vintage hanky, figurine, 19 x 14 x 1 in, 2020

i.e. is pleased to welcome Sheila Klein for this exhibit of new studio work : Flags and Monuments. Klein, an accomplished Northwest artist, remakes the images of flags and monuments combining textile techniques including weaving, sewing and crochet. Klein softens our symbols to create a textile world. This body of work was completed over the past 4 years.  

Sheila has made her home in the Skagit Valley since 1995, returning to this fertile place that she knew embraced the eclectic and creative from her time spent here in the 1970's. The intervening years were spent in L.A. forming A2Z -an art and architecture firm, beginning her public art career, exhibiting  and becoming part of the burgeoning LA art scene.

Klein has always straddled the worlds of Art and Architecture. She has been "making this out of that" for more than 40 years. Bypassing convention, she finds ways to use both old  and new materials to express ancient concepts. She combines the worlds of art and architecture, mixing familiar and archetypal images to propose solutions to the homogenization of our environment.

Klein has exhibited widely throughout the United States and abroad. She is also the rare artist who has kept up a studio practice while producing large public commissions. Her projects have received multiple national awards.

Locally we find Sheila on a corner in Edison selling her New Trade Route clothing on sunny days. Her reach is expansive.


Sheila Klein, DTLA, crocheted cotton and rayon, 40 x 28 in, 2020

Please join us

for a conversation about Flags and Monuments and recent public projects, including Vermonica, between
Sheila Klein and Curator Barbara Matilsky
July 24th, Saturday, at 4 pm.
conversation will take place in i.e.'s new viewing room, etcetera.
14136 Gilmore Avenue

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