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ED KAMUDA: Passage

Ed Kamuda, Passage (Spring Flowering), oil on board with wax varnish, 16.5 x 21 framed, 2011

i.e. is pleased to present this solo exhibit of one of the Northwest's more iconic artists.

Ed Kamuda creates abstractions that reveal a reverence for nature and a mystic bent that link him to the Northwest School of artists and his mentors such as Guy Anderson and Clayton James. The Pacific Northwest forests, Cascade Mountains and fields of rural Washington, especially the Skagit Valley are inspiration for his works.  While "self - taught",  he is also influenced by the likes of Paul Klee, Marsden Hartley and Arthur Dove. .

While a practitioner of plein air painting, Kamuda is best known for his studio work in oils. He paints with a palette knife on board , slowly building up the pigment in small blocks of color. The subject may be directly from a plein air experience or from imagination. This method results in lively, faceted surfaces that complement his bold lines and shapes, and serves to reinforce his interpretation of nature as strong and wondrous.

In this exhibit, which Kamuda has entitled "Passage",  there  are also 6 large gouache paintings on paper, approximately 35 x 44 inches in size. These pieces are  loosely brush painted in washes, both transparent and opaque, which lends an expansive joyous feel to the work.  The quintessential Kamuda depictions remain but the water based medium on brown paper produces a very different type of luminous presence than his oils. 

It is a pleasure to present the two styles side by side, along with 2 recently acquired Clayton James sculptures.

Ed Kamuda, Night Skies, gouache on paper, 36 x 46 in frame, 1980s

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