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Vacancy_Oil & Collage on Paper_19.5 inches by 27.5 inches_2015.JPG

JULIANA HEYNE, VACANCY,oil and collage on paper, mounted on board, 19.5 x 17.5in

  i.e. is pleased to welcome Juliana Heyne for her 3rd solo exhibit with us.

"Scenes from the Road"

Juliana Heyne has an itch for the open road. She travels slowly and she travels solo. This allows for a deep absorption of a specific place that she has set her sights on. In 2019 she took us to the prairies of Willa Cather., and 2017 she was driving through Iceland. Before that time when showing with the Francine Seders gallery, it was Rome, Chelan WA, Greece, Alaska or anywhere that caught her fancy. When on the road she sketches and photographs. These are her references when back in the studio. There are also written notes about colors, light and location. Heyne uses a mix of media to produce her work; oil on canvas or paper, pastel on paper, monoprints, charcoal and collage.

  The artist once said she wants to depict  "a sense of place, filtered through memory and dramatizing real world images." Heyne's work fills the surface with its immediacy and directness. If there is a sky it is squished into the top or the corner. There is a denseness of detail and a flat, tilted-up feeling of space. Certainly how one may feel when traveling to a new place. We are often filled up with the visual newness of our experience. Heyne also portrays a kind of Americana in her style. There is a kind of scrappiness to the flattened depictions. Some pieces cut out and collaged on. Not quite quilt-like, but close to it.  She has an appreciation of both the vastness and the peculiarities of what she has seen. Not so unlike the country itself. This is applied to the crumble of urban structures as well. The Seattle Viaduct and the fossil beds of John Day both inspire her. As she says "No matter the subject matter, there's some kind of beauty at its core that draws me."



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