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i.e. is pleased to present the work of Robin Green and Jef Gunn for the month of August 2018

artist reception - saturday - august 4th - 4 - 6 pm

ROBIN GREEN: drawings on silk and ceramic structures

Robin Green is a Seattle based artist who works in pieces and layers often with the grid as a parameter in which to twist and bend beyond. Her format may be flat, relief or 3 D; assembled, drawn, painted or sculpted. For this exhibit, Green's first at i.e., there is a selection of ink drawings on silk and small stoneware structures. Both approaches reveal her exploration of meaning and material and the interconnection of the two.
"My work is an ongoing meditation on the contrasts between the more and less rational natures of people and their relationships to the natural world. I pair contrasting forms and materials, rigid edges and soft bends. I build objects by gradually constructing things with smaller pieces.
The flat works are made of layers of soft yielding silks stiffened with paint. I’ve superimposed geometry—the rational, exacting stuff of flat planes, triangles, and rectangles—over or under something messy and organic in form. I build the flat works with layers of remnants of new and discarded works. They are created and altered over months or even years. Eventually these flat works become accumulated records of things that worked, or did not.
The ceramics are built by gradually adding rectangles together. As the cut, angular pieces of clay are compressed, and then massed together, they form something that can appear more biological or organic. Each of the small forms hold a record of my fingerprint.
The monument series are functional, small towers of clay, named after large, towering buildings that have failed as supporting structures, but have not been torn down. The objects in this series are ironic monuments to hubris."


JEF GUNN: encaustics

Moonlight Path copy 2.jpg
Look across 2018 copy.jpg
Leaving and Leaving 2018-8037.jpg

Jef Gunn lived around the Seattle area and Puget Sound throughout his boyhood. He now makes his home in Portland, Oregon. "I studied drawing and painting in California through the 1970s, held residencies in Barcelona and Paris in the 1980s, and since the mid 1990s have engaged in a passionate study of Asian art. I began using encaustic in 1985, before there were any books or classes on it. With encaustic, I can bring together all of my other methods: oils, papers and inks, fabric, tar, and gold. My work draws on multiple lineages of art, culture and spiritual meaning."

When I last visited Gunn in his Portland studio we talked about Joseph Goldberg's influence on both of our work. It was seeing a Goldberg painting for the first time in 1985 that Gunn became enamored of the resonant quality of encaustic painting. He also paints in sumi ink, acrylic, and en plein air in oils and is a print maker. This 3rd exhibit with i.e. focuses on Gunn's encaustics.  A truly age - old technique harkening back to the first century b.c.,  that employs heat and wax with the pigment.

Regarding a statement for this body of work the artist had this to offer: 


Water Sky Earth,


intimately attended.


Natural metaphor


with no words. 


Moment to moment

like a dream.


Jef Gunn

more work by Jef Gunn

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