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Paschkis Tarot 17 The Star.jpg

Julie Paschkis, 17. Thee Star, ink and gouache on paper, 15 x 10 in


  i.e. is thrilled to welcome Julie Paschkis for her 4th solo exhibit with us:

We are always enchanted by what Julie brings to us. With her wit, curiosity, sense of adventure and untold artistic talents she enlivens her storytelling with her gorgeously illustrated paintings. Julie Paschkis grew up outside of Philadelphia in a Quaker household. She does not sit with quiet hands. There is always something in the making. Whether it be paper lanterns, fabric design, a 30' quilt, a children's story or stenciled and poked paintings. This time we are bestowed with 23 tarot paintings telling of each character in the deck, "The Aurinka Arcana of the Parrot Tarot".  The paintings have also been printed into Tarot decks that are available separately as a limited edition.  But there is more... Should you need an elixir or potion to help you address a particular ailment Julie has made labels for us. Are you in need of a little Decision Juice, or some Fleeting Beauty Drops, or perhaps some Empathy Switchel?  Julie has provided for us.

"The show includes paintings of labels for imaginary elixirs and potions. There will also be 23 paintings comprising a new tarot: The Aurinka Arcana of the Parrot Tarot. All of this work is meant to bewitch and befuddle - to offer a sip of the mysterious.

I am a painter and illustrator. I love to make things: paintings, books, patterns, stories and soup.I have illustrated more than 35 books for children, many of which I have also written. These picture books include folk tales, poetry and biography. My work has been honored by the New York Times and by the Center for Children’s Books. I also design many things: scarves, fabric, cards and dishes.
You can see a love of pattern and of folk art in all my work. In my paintings I experiment with different media and techniques to tell open-ended stories. The fun, freedom and experimentation of painting feeds back into the other things I do."

Julie Paschkis 2023

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