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Warren Dykeman    &    James Reisen


October  9th - November 15th

Opening Reception for the Artists

October 10th, Saturday, 5-8 pm

"Seaside", oil on canvas, 36 x 24", 2013

T Michael Gardiner

Warren Dykeman, "Sailor Box", graphite and acrylic on paper mounted on canvas, 40 x 30", 2015

James Reisen, "Type A",metal type, 7 x 5", 2015

Dykeman's "Aztec Dress", Reisen "Lures", Reisen "Horseheads"

Reisen "Horseheads", Dykeman "Sailor Hat", Reisen "Spacers"

Reisen "Type", Dykeman " R Dress"

Reisen "Horseheads"

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