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O U T    of    the    D R A W E R S

robert hardgrave . brian cypher . julie paschkis . bill brewer . jay steensma . christina milgno . jef gunn . mark scherer . juliet shen . t michael gardiner .

ree brown . jef morlan . and more .

Too much of our good, and sometimes great, art sits in holding; gallery closets, storage rooms, warehouses. Here at i.e. the flat files are put to good use as the keeper of many gems. These may be prints, drawings or paintings on paper, cloth or even Tyvek. It is high time they came out of those drawers and into the light of day. This is a salon style exhibit and the work can be taken when purchased. It will be safely wrapped and advice for framing is available. And for the first time a few pieces from our secondary, or pre-owned market, will be exhibited.Ju

July 1st - August 7th


JULY 2nd, SATURDAY, 4-6 pm

top image: Robert Hardgrave, untitled, collage and tonal transefer

left: Bill Brewer, ink and acrylic drawing

right: Jef Gunn, monoprint

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