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Patricia Hagen: Biophilia

Patricia Hagen's lovingly painted landscapes are unusual in that we see the human in connection with nature and other living things, exploring the delicate balances therein.  These are both intimate and grand as natural settings often are for us.  There is solitude but never alone-ness.

OLD GROWTH STUMP. oil on canvas 16 x 12 2024jpg.jpeg

Patricia Hagen, Old Growth Stump, oil on canvas, 16 x 12", 2024

"Landscape is a universal language.  Its images evoke a range of emotions, tapping into shared human experiences that transcend verbal expression.  The beauty and force of the natural world, simultaneously comforting and formidable, serve as the foundation for my exploration.  My artistic journey delves into the landscape as a window through which to consider our existence and our inter-connectedness with the world.  The work navigates the grounding and calming elements found in nature, juxtaposed against the unsettling signs of human intervention and exploitation."

- Patricia Hagen

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