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exhibit runs 3/31 - 4/30

T. Michael Gardiner, Nana at the Slaurhoffbrug, acrylic on oil

T. Michael Gardiner


Low - Level Trapezoids

T. Michael Gardiner came on to the art scene in Seattle in the mid 70’s. A highly visible persona with a wacky, informed, and beautifully energetic style of painting that swung to political and social commentary. As fearless in his palette as he was in his subject matter. Gardiner was exhibiting from NY to California, and throughout the NW, receiving awards, commissions and being collected, for the next 20 years.  A recipient of an NEA Grant for painting and a Gottleib Foundation Grant, he was also illustrating for the New Yorker in the 90’s. And then it got a little quieter around Pioneer Square. Gardiner had decided to leave the Seattle art scene behind him and work full time as an art installer and attend to family. But he kept on painting…..  i.e. is pleased to introduce his work to a new generation of artists and collectors. This will be his 2nd exhibit with us and it couldn’t be more timely. The 15 pieces in this series are all new in the last year.



Thor Myhre

Cultivating Figures


Thor Myhre  grew up on a scenic Montana farm and learned as a youngster that repurposing old machinery on hand could save an hour driving to the parts store.  Now a well know Bellingham artist, his  sculptures grace many landscapes both public and private. They are a tribute to the farming life he came from and to a personal recycle aesthetic where he says he can find the soul in a piece of cast off metal and help give it a new life. His metal sculpture, in all sizes, has a seamless elegance to the lines and a humor in its depiction of family life and politics.
 Myhre’s career has  also  focused on teaching, workshops, and community events that are inspired by creative reuse.  His work is featured in documentaries, numerous public and private collections, and has received multiple awards for advocating education, and art.  


Thor Myhre, Zen Garden, repurposed metal, 73 x 29 x 29 in

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