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D A V I D   C.  K A N E

n e w  w o r k

David C. Kane, "Trans-Oceanic", oil on canvas, 24 x 34", 2016

a n d   i n t r o d u c i n g

L A U N I   L U C A S

Launi Lucas, "Narwhal", lobster buoy, found wood, recycled metals, dryer lint, 12" x 55" x 10", 2015

i.e. is pleased to present David C. Kane's latest body of work. A well know figure on the Northwest Art Scene, particularly Seattle, he can now be seen frequently about Mount Vernon or even as far afield as Anacortes or Edison. Where does one go after reaching the pinnacle of artistic achievement such as a solo retrospective at the Frye Museum in 2007? What does one do?

After a short hiatus and resettling in the Skagit in 2014 Kane has picked up the brush again to show us what he knows better than any other: the noirish, fantastical, moody, futuristic, unpredictable world of David C. Kane.

Launi Lucas is new to i.e. For decades her work was the 2 dimensional variety, oil on canvas, sometimes collage, wax or mixed media. But always abstract, cerebral, color - field and tasteful. Longing to have something she could wrap her hands around she started working with old lobster bouys and other found objects to form these beautiful, carefully scarred pieces that became whales, light houses, and freighters. Often held and worked on for a year or more these assemblages take on a power and personality beyond their cast off parts.

Reception for the Artists

Saturday September 24th

4 - 6 pm

exhibition runs september 23rd - october 30th, 2016

David C. Kane, "Idol or the Golden Head", oil on canvas, 24 x 30", 2016

Launi Lucas, "Walleye", Buoy, scrap metal, recycled hardware, brushes, 10 x 21 x 4", 2015

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