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Juliana Heyne: Driving Through Iceland

Louise Kikuchi: Horizon Line

February 24th - March 26th

Louise Kikuchi, Autumn Dusk, sumi and gansai on paper, 16 x 16 in


LOUISE KIKUCHI on Horizon Line

"The horizon is a line that demarcates our planet from the universe, i.e., the space that we live in separated from a vastness we cannot comprehend, somewhat like infinity, by this line.  As the years grow on me, I feel the horizon becoming closer.  This sense of time makes certain moments more intensely felt. The green of a patch of moss becomes a green which stretches into infinity."


JULIANA HEYNE  on  Driving in Iceland

"These pieces are focused on a brief stay, accompanied by three family members, in rural Iceland. We drove in a different direction each day, with no tourist agenda and no desire to reach any particular destination. I was eager to get a look at a landscape I’d never seen, and hadn’t thought the experience would provide future subject matter. It wasn’t until many months later, when looking through the photographs and my sketchbook, that I thought I 'd try to do some work about the Iceland trip. The Driving in Iceland series is the result. "

Juliana Heyne, Driving through Iceland, oil and collage on paper

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