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Soul Juice

Artist Talk : Saturday, September 21st, 4 pm


Drie Chapek, Shove, oil on canvas, 34.5 x 37 in, 2019

i.e. is pleased to present  Drie Chapek's newest body of work in a solo exhibit.  An exceptional abstract expressionistic painter, Chapek puts it out there in great thick strokes of oil alongside beautiful washes of color evoking an inner energy steeped in the history of art and her own personal experiences.


Artist Statement

"The pumping of ones own heart, the fullness of air in the lung and the release as the chest falls. This is the pathway to peace. My work is a witness to the experience of being in the body and how that connection can allow beauty and challenges in life to be taken in fully and let go of easily.
This series is created with a light touch on the top of space, entanglement, flow and the relationship of all of those elements happening simultaneously. Through variation of paint application, mark, image and flat forms the observer is provided a mental map in which to allow present thoughts alongside the sensation of sharing physical space with the paint."  Drie Chapek


 Excerpted from Lauren Gallow:

"Chapek speaks to the ongoing process of evolution that is constantly swirling around us and in us, a process that somehow manages to slip through our fingers, never visible in the moment. It is a process with a clear beginning – birth – and a clear ending – death. Although, as Chapek suggests, perhaps these delineators of the human experience are not so clear cut. Chapek’s paintings give physical form to the deepest paradox of life: that we are alive and dying at the same time.
When a caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis in its transformation to butterfly, the process is messy. Cut a chrysalis open, and you will find a rotting caterpillar – evolution as decay. Transformation is neither an ending nor a beginning, it is something of both. The beautiful violence of this shapeshifting is what Drie Chapek captures in her complex, multilayered paintings. Paintings that are simultaneously soft and sharp, flat and as deep as the ocean, fully alive and beautifully decomposing."




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Juliana Heyne

High Prairie: a Road Trip

October 4th-27th

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