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Vessel Exhibit Overview.jpg

vessel: an invitational feb 6th - feb 26th

opening reception: saturday, february 4th 3- 5 pm

i.e. has invited a carefully selected group of artists from across the Pacific Northwest to participate in this showcase of three-dimensional work fitting the category of "vessel". Vessel celebrates the liberty with which artists have over their craft, the manipulation of medium, and the utility, or lack thereof, of form. Broadly, vessels are made to contain, protect, and transport, sometimes, substances of greater importance than the vessels themselves. This show intends to explore the limits of the form and the aesthetic value of function.

Rik Allen

Shelley Muzylowski Allen

Lanny Bergner

David Blakesly

Joe Max Emminger

Christy Erickson

 John Fairman/Del Webber

Niles Fairman

Claudia Fitch

Robin Green

Barb Hathaway

Aaron Murray

Sue Roberts

Victor Sandblom

Elizabeth Sandvig

Cathy Schoenberg

Mike Scott

Lana Sundberg

Chris Wardenburg Skinner

Christine Westergaard


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