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Winter's Teeth


installation view

This winter our annual staff picks show, Winter's Teeth, is curated by Newt Warren. It extends from December into January featuring a changing selection of artwork, available to take home the same day. 

About Winter's Teeth


Winter's Teeth plays on the feeling of biting frost and refers to the inevitable change of weather that forces everything to adapt. As nature pulls us into hibernation, we feel slowed by the cold and our frantic holiday pursuits are often quelled by snow and ice. What we try to embrace as a season of rest, winter is also a season of decay; active through decomposition, storms, changing tides, and migration. Such activity can seem chaotic, though it is practiced and perfected by time.

  This exhibition draws our attention to the dynamism of the season, romanticizing the necessary transformation of our surroundings and ourselves which promises new growth come spring. Brumous hues and vast expanses pay homage to the winter sky and sea, particularly the coastal plains of northwest Washington. Depictions of water, in each of its phases, glimmer with excitement, enticing us to slumber (or thrash) our way through winter and its gnashing teeth.

  We'll replace work throughout the extended exhibition period so patrons may take their purchases home with them in time for the holidays. All work will come from our gallery artists. New pieces will be added as the purchases go out the door. The show will be on view throughout December and January. We hope you enjoy it.

Newt Warren

Some artists to look for:
Sharron Antholt
Christine Wardenburg - Skinner
Marc Aronson
Lanny Bergner
Drie Chapek
Margaret Davidson
Joe Max Emminger
Gregg Laananen
Margy Lavelle
Josh Ryan McDonald
Jesse Max Otero
Victor Sandblom
Shirley Scheier
John Schaefer
Jay Steensma
Thomas Wood




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